Cryptaur / CPT Point Official Communities Rules


User communities are created and maintained for constructive communication, quick information and support for project users. Discussions on topics not related to the project may be deleted.


We ask you to respect all chat participants and project staff and refrain from offensive or vulgar language. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate and complete ban. 


Publications that negatively affect the reputation of the project and the value of the project tokens are not allowed: as well as advertising posts, spam, publication of referral links, NSFW.


Community moderators do not respond to private messages, do not enter discussions, and are not authorized to answer questions outside the moderator's purview.


Before asking a question in the chat, make sure that, firstly, you cannot find an answer to it on the support service website, and secondly, it is not associated with your personal account or transactions (please send such questions directly to the support service Thank you for following these rules!