We are launching TheWall Global Bounty Program!

We want everybody on Earth to know about TheWall Global project and no one to miss this wonderful historic event! For this very reason we are launching an unprecedented bounty program!

To participate in the program, you just need to: Repost this publication your Facebook page. Fill out a simple form by following this link. That’s it!

For every 50 000 views of your repost you will receive one area of the Wall! Meanwhile we guarantee that it will be an area in the immediate vicinity to one of the art objects that are already on the Wall.

For every 250 000 views you will receive an extra premium area, transactions with which are not subject to commissions of the Wall.

Therefore, the bounty program implies the distribution of the most valuable and expensive areas of the Wall among the most active participants!

The Bounty Program starts on September 28. The outcome of the Bounty Program will be defined very soon – on October 14.

Take part in the program and earn areas!