We are filling The Wall Global with liquidity — meet The Wall DeFi!

We are glad to announce that as soon as at the beginning of 2022 all the users of The Wall Global will be able to use unique mechanics of the decentralized finance known as DeFi. Right now, at this New Year Eve a whole family of DeFi services are getting ready to be launched on the project website. What issues are they designed to solve?

First of all, new DeFi services will help to simplify and speed up the process of buying, selling and renting areas of the Wall. At the moment it is often easier and cheaper for new participants to purchase vacant areas than to rent or buy already occupied ones. Certainly, this problem will be solved with the growth of the user base when the target audience (artists, galleries, museums and advertisers) join the project. However, this will require time – according to various estimates, from 1 to 3 years. But now, after the launch of DeFi, we won’t need to wait for that long.

How will this issue be solved? Let us give you several examples to explain it.

Let’s assume that you are an investor, you have free funds and you want them to work for you. You can place them under the control of TheWall Loan service and by doing so you will make them available for other users that can take them out as a loan against the areas of the Wall they own. Meanwhile, it is you who define the interest rate and the loan repayment period as well as decide from what zone of the Wall you are ready to accept areas. And surely, you can withdraw your offer and invest your funds in another project any time. Thus, you keep full control over your funds and at the same time widen your budget.

Second example. Let’s assume that you own areas of the Wall and you need funds urgently – for example, in order to add extra margin on the exchange when trading with leverage. You can find corresponding offers on TheWall Loan and get an instant loan!

It is not even a problem if it turns out that your areas do not fit the existing requests. Place them into the liquidity pool of TheWall Daily service and they will immediately become available to users for rent. Meanwhile, it absolutely does not matter whether your areas or areas of other members of the pool are rented – you still constantly receive your share of the general income of the pool in proportion to the number of areas contributed.

Thus, anyway your investments will bring constant passive income to you without any risks.

It is important to mention that all the DeFi services that we develop are based on the smart contracts of the Polygon blockchain and do not have any owner. It means that even the team of TheWall Global project will work with them on an equal basis with all the users and earn money by placing liquidity under the control of the smart contract.

What do you need to do to participate? Very little – to own at least one area of TheWall Global virtual art-space. Stay tuned for our announcements and do not miss the announcement of the launch of DeFi services – a unique opportunity to earn money on the technologies of the Future!