We announce the date of the official launch of TheWall Global!

We are pleased to announce that the fuel tanks of the rocket named TheWall Global are full, all the checks have been completed, the countdown has started! The launch date is set for October 7 – the first day of the new circle of the waxing of the moon – the time most favorable for new beginnings!

As we have already mentioned, TheWall Global project runs on the Polygon blockchain that ensures not only compatibility with the Ethereum network but also a much higher speed of transactions and, most importantly, their extremely low cost.

In order to be able to carry out transactions in the Polygon network (including transactions of managing the obtained areas of the Wall) you need to have a small amount of Matic coins in your Polygon account (approximately in the amount of $10-20). It is possible to obtain them on the internal exchange of the Cryptaur platform and on other exchanges. The withdrawal of Matic coins from the Cryptaur platform works normally.

Right after the official launch of TheWall Global it will become possible to withdraw TWG tokens from the Cryptaur platform in order to exchange them for the chosen areas of the Wall. Besides, it will become possible to buy areas of the Wall for Matic coins on the central website of the project. Please, pay attention to the fact that the referral program described in TheWall Global Tokensale Cookbook does not extend to the purchases made outside the Cryptaur platform.

We strongly recommend that immediately after the official launch of the project you exchange the TWG coupon tokens obtained during the tokensale for the areas of the Wall of your choice in order to have time to get the most advantageously located, strategically important areas located as close to the center as possible, next to the art-objects that are already on the Wall since with the development of the project their price will grow the fastest.

Buy the unique digital asset, own it and make profit! The first ones get the maximum profit!