User Wallets Relaunched

Dear users,

as of today, user wallets on CPT Point platform are open again, the web version of the user account is also functional. User funds in  CPT, PROOF, XEM, XYO, ETH tokens are available for transactions on the platform.

Please pay attention to these important changes:

1. Single user wallet addresses which don’t depend on token type are introduced. Please use these new addresses to send any tokens to other platform users. The transactions are instant and fee-free. You can find your new wallet address in your personal account as shown here:

Attention: the old addresses are no longer valid. Any funds sent to them will be lost.

2. Any platform transactions now require two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator (see detailed instructions here).

The team continues improving the platform’s security and functionality to raise it to a totally new level. In the near future token deposit and withdrawal will be enabled for all tokens, starting from CPT. Follow the news!

Your CPT Point Team