TWG: Why is it more profitable to buy earlier?

Many users have a reasonable question: why do we urge you to hurry up and participate already in the initial rounds of the sale, if the purchase price remains the same in all rounds? Today’s issue is intended to give explanations on this important question that has a cardinal influence on the size of the profit you receive!

At the start all the areas of the Wall are the same and are listed for sale at the price of 300 USDT. However, let us think about how the price of the Wall areas are determined on the secondary market.

When you go to the Wall website it is its central part that you see first. The central areas will receive more visitors and, therefore, they are of a higher value!

We also should remember that the premium areas located in the central 200×200 square are not subject to the commission of the Wall itself, and this enhances their value on the secondary market even more.

Who will obtain these financially most attractive areas? Obviously, those who will participate in the first rounds of the tokensale of TheWall Global project. All the Wall areas are of value but those who aim at making a quick profit should hurry up!