TWG sales opening date is approaching

Dear participants of TheWall Global project, we are happy to share with you the outcome of the second round of the sale… and even look into the third one!

Thousands of free BRICK tokens credited to the accounts of participants of the second round and a countless number of correctly completed questionnaires are all reliable evidence that the interest in the project keeps growing.

This time, thanks to the improved algorithm for forming the queue of participants, almost all the holders of a sufficient number of USDT tokens successfully received their free BRICK token during the sale.

We are glad to confirm once again that free BRICK tokens will be also available in all the following rounds of the tokensale, and as soon as 10 BRICK are accumulated on the user’s account they will be automatically converted into one area of the Wall! It means that absolutely everybody can participate in the distribution of TheWall Global, including those who do not plan to spend their own funds on it.

And finally the main news – as early as next Monday, September 13, it will become possible to purchase areas for cryptocurrency. We remind you that 50% of the cost must be paid in USDT tokens which you should place in the vault in your Cryptaur personal account in advance.

It is possible either to pay for the whole purchase in USDT tokens, or to pay for a half of it in USDT and the rest half in other tokens that are supported by the Cryptaur platform – LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF or ETH, meanwhile the current high exchange rate will make this purchase even more profitable.