To the attention of CPT holders on the Latoken exchange

As you know, since yesterday, it has become possible to exchange CPT tokens located on the Latoken exchange for new LIXI tokens without any commission.

In this regard, we implore you to send a letter with the details of your transaction to the address indicated in the instruction immediately after you send CPT tokens for an exchange. The LIXIs can’t be credited to your account without these details. You will find the detailed instruction and the information on what data you should send here.

Please, also pay attention to the fact that the LIXI tokens will become sequentially unlocked only after a user is verified. If you haven’t passed the verification yet the tokens will be credited to your Cryptaur wallet, however, they won’t be available for transactions. If you have passed the verification, send a request to enable the unfreeze mechanism to the support service, write “unfreeze” in the subject line.