TheWall Global’s Successful Investor Strategy: Earning on purchases of referrals

We are sure that the main aim of all the participants of TheWall Global tokensale is to earn a lot and fast! We do not doubt the fact that everybody who takes part in the project at its start will manage to earn money. However, how much and how fast each participant will earn will depend on the sequence, accuracy and promptness of his actions. We sincerely want each participant to be as satisfied as possible with the results of the sale, that is why we have decided to make a series of posts dedicated to the best practices of successful investors of TheWall Global.

The earnings on the stage of the tokensale are based on the referral program of the project, which allows for all the participants to return up to 78% of the accumulated funds!

The program consists of two referral models – individual and group models that can also work simultaneously. Yes, that’s right – you can receive rewards as an individual participant of the referral program as well as a member of a promo-group (read more about this option in the following issue).

The functionality of the creation of a referral tree is already available in your Cryptaur personal account in the “Bonuses” menu – share the referral link, create your organization and prepare the ground for the upcoming sale.

The rewards are paid upon termination of every round of sales each of which lasts for only a few hours. The rewards are paid in the same tokens your referral has used to pay for his purchase – those can be any tokens that circulate on the platform: USDT, ETH, LIXI, LIXIGOLD or PF.

The size of the reward depends on referrals. Three levels (lines) of referrals of a given user are taken into account. There is no compression of a referral tree. The user receives a 10% bonus from the purchases made by his first-line referrals, 7% from the second-line referrals and 3% from the third-line referrals. In addition to this, the user for free receives areas of the Wall in proportion to the referral’s purchases (in the same percentage ratio to the purchased areas).

But it is still more than that – it is possible to increase the size of the bonus!

— The users who have purchased 8 or more areas in the current round of sales receive a mark-up to their referral bonus – the additional 10%.

— If the user’s organization (namely the user himself and his 1,2,3-line referrals) provide the total volume of purchases that exceeds 800 TWG, the user’s referral bonus will increase by 20%.

— Likewise, if the total volume of purchases made by the user’s organization exceeds 1600 TWG, the user’s referral bonus will increase by 30%.

Important conditions:

— In order to be able to receive referral bonuses at any round of sales it is needed to fulfill a qualification condition – to buy at this round of sales at least one area of the Wall by yourself.

— The rewards received on the basis of the additional conditions cannot be combined – the only one that is the most profitable for you is always chosen.

Share this information with friends and colleagues, spread the word about the project, join and invite everybody to join the cutting edge blockchain technologies and eternal values of the art…and earn money!

You will find the detailed information about the referral program in TheWall Global Tokensale Cookbook document.