TheWall Global’s Successful Investor Strategy #4: participate together!

We continue the series of issues about the best practices of TheWall Global’s successful investors. In today’s release we can’t but pay attention to the nearing unique sixth round of TheWall Global sale. As you already know this and only this round of the sale is subject to the 100% cashback, it means that in fact it is possible to obtain areas of the Wall absolutely for free! All that is needed is to purchase no less than 5 TWG paying for the 100% of the cost of the purchase with USDT tokens.

We understand that even the minimum purchase of 5 TWG will cost a considerable amount of 1500 USDT. If you do not have such a sum but do really want to participate in this unprecedented promotion you can team up with your friends and make a purchase from one account and then distribute the purchased TWG among the participants.

Make purchases together – make profit together with your friends!