TheWall Global’s Successful Investor Strategy 2 – Maximizing the benefits out of purchases of referrals

We continue the series of issues about the best practices of TheWall Global’s successful investors and today we will tell you how to maximize the benefits out of your referrals’ purchases and reach the very peak value of 78%. It is easy to reach this value if you are not working alone but as a member of a promo-group – a unique and unparalleled tool of our referral program!

You can register your own promo-group right now – in order to do so you should go to the “Bonuses” section and click the “Group” tab.

Please, remember that each user can be a member of only one promo-group, – it is not possible to move to any other group without technical support.


1. Create a promo-group, form and send individual invite-codes to its first members.
2. As soon as the number of the members of your group reaches 3 there will appear the group’s own referral code.
3. Send it to new participants and they will become your group’s referrals.
4. The group will receive referral rewards that will be equally divided among the members of the group.
5. The size of a group reward is significantly bigger than the size of rewards in the individual program. It depends on the line of referrals.
6. The group will receive 15% from the first-line referrals’ purchases, 10% from the second-line referrals and 5% from the third-line referrals. At the same time the group will receive the same percentage amount of the Wall areas from the number of the Wall areas bought by referrals.

In order to be able to receive referral rewards the members of a promo-group need to have the total volume of purchases made by them at the current round of the sales that accounts to no less than 1.5 * a number of participants in the group (the figure is rounded to the closest greater whole number). For example, if a promo-group consists of 3 members, in order to be able to receive referral rewards they have to in sum buy at the current sale round 1.5 * 3 = 4.5 areas, then we round this number to the closest greater whole number and get 5 areas. This condition should be met at every round of the sales in which the group aims at receiving referral rewards.

Meanwhile, it is possible to increase the size of the reward. If a user being a member of a group purchases 8 or more areas on the current round of the sales the size of his part of his group’s referral bonus increases by 10%.

But it is still not the limit. If the group’s organization (namely the members of the group and their 1,2,3-line referrals) provide the total volume of purchases that exceeds 800 TWG, the group’s referral bonus will increase by 20%. And if the total volume of purchases made by the group’s organization exceeds 1600 TWG, the group’s referral bonus will increase by 30%. (The rewards received on the basis of the additional conditions cannot be combined – the only one that gives the maximum mark-up is always chosen.)

Do you want to make a maximum profit on TheWall Global tokensale? Create your own promo-group in your Cryptaur personal account right now.