TheWall Global: wonderful start of the tokensale

Dear participants of TheWall Global project, we are glad to share with you the results of the first round of sale. We must confess that despite our high expectations even the project team has been genuinely surprised by the stats – around 80 thousand Cryptaur users took part in the event. As a result of such an enormous interest not everybody who wished to receive free BRICK tokens managed to do it. This made us seriously reconsider the algorithm for servicing the queue of participants for the next round of sale that will take place a week later, on September 6.

We want to thank you all who put USDT tokens to Cryptaur accounts in advance in order to take part in the sale. Seeing the seriousness of your purpose and appreciating your support, we have made a decision to give priority to those participants of the next rounds of sale who have on their accounts the amount of funds enough for the purchase of at least one TWG token (no matter whether they plan to make a purchase or wish to obtain one free BRICK token).

The initial tokensale round has brought over 2000 BRICK tokens to the first participants and has made us sure that we are doing the project that is really desired by the world. And the most interesting is yet to come – stay tuned for the upcoming news!