TheWall Global web portal is open!

We are happy to announce that the long-awaited launch of TheWall Global has taken place! The project is available at, the starting page for all the new users is

We are sure that this big day will go down in the history of the blockchain, NFT and digital art, and all the people, who have already joined the project or are planning to do so in the nearest future, are laying a solid groundwork for their financial well-being!

We remind you that the project is running on the architecture of the Polygon (Matic) blockchain which is characterized by a significantly higher speed at a significantly lower price of transactions in comparison with Ethereum. In order to interact with the project, you need to install the Metamask wallet and set it to work with the Polygon blockchain (see the guide).

Purchases of Wall areas and fees for the management of the purchased areas are settled with MATIC coins which you can buy on exchanges including the internal exchange of the Cryptaur platform ( Please, note that in order to interact with the project, you need to have exactly the original MATIC coins in the Polygon blockchain, not their ERC20 analogue on the Ethereum base. If you purchase MATIC coins on the internal exchange of Cryptaur, you will get exactly the original coins that you will be able to use when working with the Wall.

Attention, please! Now it is time for all the participants of the tokensale of TheWall Global project on the Cryptaur Launchpad platform to use their TWG tokens. In order to buy areas of the Wall with these coins you need to withdraw them to your Metamask wallet, connect to the Polygon blockchain, select an area of the Wall you are interested in and initiate your purchase. If there are some TWG tokens on your balance they will be debited to your account automatically. If there are no TWG tokens on your balance it will be possible to buy areas for 200 MATIC each.

Our congratulations to you – the project is officially launched! And the real life of TheWall Global project is just beginning. There are lots of amazing opportunities and pleasant surprises ahead – stay with us, purchase areas while they are still available on the primary market, manage your digital assets, enjoy the art and make profit!