TheWall Global Tokensale Round 3 – the TWG sales are open!

The third round of the sale of TheWall Global project starts and alongside the long-awaited opportunity to make profit on the project opens up, here and now! In this round, for the first time, you will have the opportunity not to receive free BRICK tokens only but also to purchase a TWG token that represents an entire area of the Wall. In case your referrals make a purchase your account will be credited with a well-deserved reward in accordance with our really generous referral program.

The tokensale starts at 12:00 UTC and lasts for 3 hours. From the moment it starts, participants need to be logged in their Cryptaur personal accounts. As soon as your turn comes you will have 10 minutes to make a purchase. This time you will need to choose one of the two possible options – to get a free BRICK token as in the previous rounds or to make a purchase for cryptocurrency that should already be in your Cryptaur vault at the time of your purchase.

We remind you that the priority in the queue is given to those who have enough funds in the vaults in their personal Cryptaur accounts for a minimum purchase (equivalent to 300 USDT at least 150 of which in USDT tokens and the rest in USDT, LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF tokens). That is why, even if you do not plan to make a purchase and you just want to receive a free BRICK token, add funds to your account – this will ensure that your turn will come.

While making a purchase for cryptocurrency, you will need to specify the number of TWG tokens you want to buy. It is possible to purchase no more than 10 TWG tokens during one round of the sale. You will be offered to purchase as many TWG tokens as you have enough funds for. Then you should choose what part of your purchase you would like to pay in USDT – this part should account for no less than 50% of the whole sum of the purchase. You can pay for the entire purchase in USDT or you can choose from the drop-down list other tokens available in your vault – LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF or ETH. Only one type of token can be chosen to pay for the second part of your purchase.

Please, before the start of the sale, make sure that you have filled out the questionnaire of the project because it is imperative for your participation. The questionnaire is available in the Launchpad / TheWall Global menu in your Cryptaur personal account.

The referral rewards for purchases made by your referrals you invited will be credited to your accounts the next day after the tokensale. Please, remember that in order to receive referral rewards on the individual program in this round of the sale, you need to purchase at least one TWG token in the same round of the sale.

Our team is working hard on the launch of TheWall Global project – we are planning to make an official release in 7-10 days. As soon as it happens, it will be possible to withdraw TWG tokens from your Cryptaur personal accounts and exchange them for the best areas of the Wall!

Participate, receive gifts, make profit! Good luck to all of you!