TheWall Global Pulse 003: The Secrets of the Central Part of the Wall

TheWall Global is an art-object of a whole new level with a unique topology that opens remarkable opportunities for everybody who participates in its creation. Today we introduce to you the central part of TheWall Global.

This space is occupied by an extensive colorful picture that represents everything that is valuable for humanity: individuals, great discoveries, priceless works of art, music, literature, architectural monuments. Look with your own eyes – you will see a lot!

The size of this central work of art is 51×51 areas. It consists of more than 2000 unique objects matched to NFT-tokens, each of which has its own description, set of tags and a link to an external website with information about a specific object that is valued by various social groups.

We are sure that sooner or later we will see this image on the cover of Forbes magazine, even if our choice of “the most valuable for humanity” gives rise to many disputes at different forums.

And most importantly, TheWall areas do not only represent a unique digital asset but also an opportunity to share your ideas and values with the world by placing everything that is significant for you personally in your parts of TheWall! This can be cultural objects, personal talents, idols, new ideas or something else yet unknown in the world since to own an NFT-token means to be able to choose freely what it will contain.

With your involvement TheWall Global will become a collection of very different personal and world values. On the Wall near the central image we will soon see your own pictures and texts that will have their own meanings and will attract people who share exactly your values.

Join the project and add value to TheWall Global with us!