TheWall Global for ‘’regular’’ users


We have already written a lot about the unique opportunities that TheWall Global opens for very different categories of users. And today we want to tell you about the value of TheWall Global project for regular users in which we see a great advantage of our project over analogues.


As we already know, anybody can buy or rent areas of the Wall and by doing so get an opportunity to place in them any content that one wants to share with a large number of Internet users similar to publishing posts on social media.


However, TheWall Global goes much further – it allows you to perpetuate the information published on the Wall, and this is a significant advantage of our platform. Since the areas of the Wall are presented by NFT-tokens, nobody except their owner or renter has an access to change their content, and the existence and ownership of the areas are strongly protected by smart-contracts.


Thus, even future generations will be able to see the information and images left on the Wall. That is why the areas of the Wall that allow you to freely publish any content leaving your mark in the history of the Internet forever can also be wonderful presents!


And remember that every user of our platform has a chance to obtain an area of the Wall for free. How? We will tell you about it in detail just a little bit later – stay tuned for the upcoming news!