TheWall Global for investors

Starting with this publication we are introducing to you the new opportunities that TheWall Global project offers for participants of the platform. We would like to address today’s first review article to professional as well as beginner investors.

The first and the most evident opportunity for investors to earn on TheWall Global project is to purchase vacant Wall areas at a fixed placement price with the start of the sales, and then wait for an increase of their value in order to sell or rent them out profitably on the secondary market.

We note that there are two main factors that have influence on the market price of the areas: their location in relation to attractive art objects that have been already placed on the Wall and the quality of the content published in the areas themselves.

Thus, the main rule of the money making on TheWall Global is the following: if your areas have high attendance or if they are located near the areas with high attendance (as a rule, these are the areas that contain interesting content or have high social value), then there is a good chance that a lot of users of the portal will pay attention to your objects as well, that will rise the price of your areas.

The purchase of the nearby areas will increase the size of the art work placed in your areas and therefore will also attract additional attention to your objects from the visitors to the Wall.

And finally, the simplest and cheapest way is to start to attract interest of the users of the project to your areas without having to wait for the rise of popularity of the nearby areas. Because the rise of the artistic and messaging value of your areas guarantees an increase in their market price.

How to do it? For instance, to place a unique graphic content in your areas. Meanwhile, a great idea will be to cooperate with artists in order to create images that will attract your customers’ attention. At the moment we are creating a base of artists from all over the world who are ready to cooperate and create modern, interesting and high-quality content for the NFT market. In case you struggle to find such painters among the people you are acquainted with, contact the Cryptaur support service and we will do our best to help you!

NFT-tokens, among which are TWG-tokens of TheWall Global project, represent a promising digital asset that is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. And we are extremely glad that today the Cryptaur platform is among a small number of projects that are taking the lead in this new market niche that has huge potential.

Stay tuned for the news and learn about new opportunities of TheWall Global in the upcoming publications!