TheWall Global for ETH Holders

We continue exploring the new opportunities TheWall Global project brings for platform users. Today we will talk about one of the platform’s sharpest questions, the ETH withdrawal.

To our regret, the deadlines for opening the ETH gate have already been postponed several times due to reasons beyond the control of the project team. While we have no doubt that the gate will eventually be open, we are currently also looking for other ways to help ETH holders on the platform.

For those who aren’t willing to wait for the official ETH gateway opening, one of such opportunities will soon be presented, namely, the participation in TheWall Global project. The Cryptaur platform offers its users the opportunity to pay 50% of the value of TheWall Global areas in ETH tokens from their accounts on the platform.

If your goal is to withdraw ETH from the CPT Point platform fast, you can participate in TheWall Global tokensale, withdraw the the received TWG tokens to your Metamask wallet, exchange them for the Wall areas on the project website, and put them up for sale to cover the cost of participating in the token sale at the first reasonable opportunity. According to our estimates, the maximum profit can be expected to those who manage to buy out the areas located close to already existing art objects, since their price will grow along with the growth in the value of the Wall’s central, most visited region.

The withdrawal of TWG from the CPT Point accounts is fee-free. All that is needed to participate in the sale is to correctly fill out a questionnaire to confirm the user’s understanding of the sale details, and in advance load some USDT tokens into your vault on the platform to cover up the half of the cost of the Wall areas you plan to buy. The other half, as we already mentioned, can be paid with ETH, LIXI, and LIXI GOLD tokens.

You will find more details on the upcoming sale in The Wall Global Cookbook as well as in our previous news release.

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