TheWall Global for artists

In today’s article we present to you a review about the new opportunities of TheWall Global for artists since with the realization of the NFT functionality this profession is becoming more and more popular on our platform.

First of all, TheWall Global platform is an open exhibition space in its nature. Every painter, illustrator or visual designer can share his works with a wide international audience by buying or renting the Wall areas and placing his paintings in them. It is possible to attach to the art object a comment with description, contacts and a link for potential customers and all the interested visitors to the website. And also correctly set tags will help to find the artists’ works on the Wall more easily.

Secondly, and it is very important, TheWall Global plays the role of a marketplace. It is possible for artists not only to show their works to the interested audience and find new admirers but also to sell their works profitably here on the platform too.

How does it work? Illustrators obtain vacant areas of the Wall but sell the art objects that they create – the areas with author’s paintings. Artists set prices for their works of art by themselves, but their prices will certainly be higher than the initial price of the empty areas.

And the most pleasant thing is that every painter has a chance to receive an area of the Wall to place his art work in it as a gift from the team of TheWall Global project. It is because the project is very interested in increasing the art value of the Wall as a whole and its development as a unique art object created jointly by a big number of talented people! Do you want to learn how to receive such a gift? Stay tuned for the articles that are coming soon!