TheWall Global: first learn, then participate!

Those of you who follow the news of the platform cannot but know about the upcoming sales of the NFT-tokens of TheWall Global project. However, probably, not everybody has yet figured out the whole main idea of this unique project at the interface of the blockchain technologies, art and finance.


We believe that in order to make an informed decision on the participation in this or that project that we place on Cryptaur Launchpad, the users should approach this step consciously and have the comprehensive information available for them. For this very reason the necessary condition for every user to participate in the upcoming sales will be to correctly fulfill a check quiz of 10 questions.


Since there is very little time left before the start of TheWall Global we invite you to read carefully the fundamental document of the project – TheWall Global Mindbook. After this you will have no difficulty in answering all the questions correctly!


TheWall Global Mindbook