TheWall Global as a multilayered space

We continue writing about TheWall Global project. As you already know from TheWall Global Mindbook document, TheWall Global is a unique digital space with messaging, artistic and financial value. But did you know that this space is not flat, and the Wall has another important distinctive feature – depth?

Multilayering support is one of the significant features of the project. The fact is that it allows the visitors to TheWall Global webpage to do different visualizations according to the Wall display scale selected by the user.

A small scale makes it possible to see not just the small copies of the images of the Wall areas that could merge into one indistinguishable mass, but other new generalized images that convey the content of the areas in their own way. At the same time the level of generalization increases with the shift to more remote layers of TheWall Global digital space. A large scale, in turn, provides an opportunity to view the Wall areas with all the smallest details that could not be displayed in the limited size of the wide shot.

Thus, the multilayering of the project is not only an aesthetically attractive visual solution, but also it allows painters to create original multi-level compositions, and all the visitors to TheWall Global portal to navigate easily the huge space of the Wall!

Stay tuned for the upcoming news in order to learn as much as possible about the project, and, most importantly, apply this knowledge when creating prosperous, visited and highly profitable territories!