The Wall Global Treasure Hunter Program: the first treasure has been found!

The first round of the Treasure Hunter program has finished successfully – it is a decentralized mechanic to find treasures on TheWall Global which we have told you about recently. Today we are happy to congratulate the winner – the lucky one who was first to find his treasure on TheWall Global.

The owner of the lucky area, therefore, received 10 TWG and managed to multiply the cost of his initial assets by 10. All he needed to do for this was to buy an area within a specified period of time.

There are the coordinates of the lucky areas published in this transaction – any user can check the results and make sure that all the conditions of the game were met.

You can learn about the next round of the Treasure Hunter from our newsletter or by subscribing to updates on the Treasure smart contract – when the “Hide treasure” transaction appears it will mean the start of the next round. All the areas purchased from that moment will participate in the draw.

Participate and earn on the absolutely impartial decentralized mechanics for searching treasures on TheWall Global!