The Wall Global: This Monday is a Black Friday!

It is time to clear your vault and transform what it contains into an innovative asset – areas of TheWall Global virtual art space that is already getting filled with the works of leading artists and art galleries representatives.

And as we are entering the Black Fridays season, TheWall Global team is not staying aside and we announce an unprecedented sale! And in order not to get distracted by numerous Fridays of other companies and projects, TheWall Global Black Friday is set for Monday, November 29!

The sale conditions:

  • ETH, LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF and USDT tokens are accepted for payment. You must pay for the entire sum of your purchase only with one type of these tokens. The price of any area of the wall depends on the type of the token you choose for payment and is determined by the organizers of the sale. The buying rate is fixed for the entire period of the promotion.
  • The number of purchases you can make during the sale is unlimited. Anyone without restrictions is allowed to make purchases during the promotion.
  • If you make a purchase during the promotion, CTWG (Cryptaur TWG) tokens are credited to your account. You can immediately withdraw these tokens to an external address in the Polygon blockchain and exchange them for the areas of the wall with coordinates starting with 480 and further (that means for the areas of the outer perimeter of the available space of the wall).
  • The referral program does not function during the Black Friday.

Attention, please. We once again draw your attention to the fact that only the areas that are located along the outer perimeter of the Wall space participate in this sale.
The time of the promotion is strictly limited. We are waiting for you on Monday, November 29!

The areas that participate in the sale are showed in green colour.