The Wall Global rocket is soaring higher and higher regardless of the weather on the crypto market!

The Wall Global festive Valentine’s sale will start today at 12:00 UTC and will last for 3 hours only.

In order to participate in the sale, you will need to be logged in your Cryptaur personal account (Launchpad menu / The Wall Global) at that time via a web-browser or the CPTPoint mobile app. As soon as your turn comes, you will have only 10 minutes to make a purchase. You will need to choose one (and only one) of the two possible options – to get one free BRICK token or to obtain the right to buy areas of the Wall for tokens equivalent to 300 USDT at least 150 of which are in USDT tokens and the rest are in one type of the following tokens: USDT, LIXI, LIXIGOLD or PF tokens, that you have to place in your vault on the platform in advance.

The priority in the queue is given to those participants who have enough funds in their vaults in their Cryptaur personal accounts for a minimum purchase (equivalent to 300 USDT at least 150 of which are in USDT tokens and the rest are in one type of the following tokens: USDT, LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF tokens). You will be offered to purchase as many TWG tokens as you have enough funds for.

The referral rewards from the purchases made by the referrals you invited will be credited to your account the next day after the tokensale. Please, remember that in order to receive referral rewards on the individual program in this round of the sale, you need to purchase at least one TWG token in this round of the sale.

Don’t forget about some great events that await The Wall Global project in the coming weeks, namely:

* the launch of The Wall Global Metaverse that will provide the opportunity to visualize the Wall space in a 3D view and in a VR regime. It will also give access to the functions of the Wall for those users who do not know how to work with crypto currencies!

* the launch of new DeFi services that make it possible for owners of The Wall Global areas to receive permanent passive income!

* the launch of a new The Wall Games line within the framework of which a whole family of play-to-earn games will be created!

Join the lucky ones who have already earned and received their rewards in the previous rounds of the sale. Preserve and multiply your assets regardless of the situation on the market!