The Wall Daily DeFi service as a springboard for the metaverse

Just several days ago we launched a unique DeFi service called The Wall Daily and now it is already one of the ten largest holders of areas of the Wall! Many owners of areas transfer absolutely all their assets to the management of The Wall Daily service. We are sure they will not regret their decision, since it is the easiest way to receive passive income right now.

Now it is time to reveal our ambitious plans a bit. The Wall Daily is a ground for an even larger-scale project that is The Wall Global Metaverse that will see the light of day as soon as this spring.

The Wall Global Metaverse will make it possible to travel across vast expanses of the Wall in the 3D visualization mode or in VR as well as create new income opportunities for all the owners of areas who have placed them into the liquidity pool of The Wall Daily service. The Wall Global Metaverse will provide a convenient fiat bridge to publish any information on the Wall for the people who do not work with crypto currencies. It is difficult to overestimate the number of those who would like to express their thoughts or just to make a love confession using modern technologies and almost for free!

Don’t miss a chance to be among the first ones to take advantage of the new opportunities. To do so, you just need to purchase at least one area of the Wall and transfer it to the control of The Wall Daily DeFi service. The most profitable way to do it is to buy an area of the Wall at the upcoming exclusive round of the TWG token sale that will take place on the Cryptaur Launchpad platform on Valentine’s Day, February 14. We are waiting for you at the token sale!