The TWG sale: Round 5 has taken place, surprise for Round 6!

The fifth round of the sale has ended – we thank all the participants and invite you to receive your well-deserved referral rewards – they are already waiting for you on your balances in your personal Cryptaur accounts.

We are also very pleased to announce absolutely unique conditions for Round 6.

It is no exaggeration to declare that this has never happened in the history of our project. Every user of the Cryptaur platform has an incredible and absolutely accessible chance to get a large share in TheWall Global project for free, and it isn’t a joke.

Only during this round, we offer you to receive a 100% cashback for purchasing areas of the Wall. All the funds that you will spend in this round will return back to your accounts within 24 hours with one simple condition completed: you need to purchase no less than 5 areas paying for the 100% of the cost of your purchase with USDT tokens.

In order to participate in the sixth round of TheWall Global sale you need to be logged in your personal Cryptaur account on Monday, October 4 at 12:00, go to the Launchpad / TheWall Global section and wait for your turn.

Make sure that by the start of the sale you have a sufficient amount of USDT in your account. We advise you to keep a stock of 2-3% of the sum you plan to spend in order to cover possible USDT exchange rate fluctuations. Also, please, note that the referral program will not work during the sixth round.

The project website will open on October 7. The best areas of the Wall are waiting for you!

Participate, own, make profit!