The MagicChain Crystal Mine Open Again!

Dear users,

If you have never entered the world of MagicChain game yet, hurry on! The doors of the Crystal Mine, a special in-game space, have just opened, giving all players the opportunity to win many precious crystals.

The project is integrated into the CPT Point ecosystem, which means players can sell objects obtained in the game for CPT tokens. Don’t miss the opportunity to try out the game and earn as many crystals as possible while the mine is open!

The developers have timed the launch of the new functionality to the birthday of our technical director Ilya Svirin who ensures the smooth operation of the platform, the work that is extremely important for all of us. We wholeheartedly join the wishes, warmly congratulate Ilya on the occasion and wish him all the best!

If you want to take part in the mining, feel free to follow this link:

Your CPT Point Team