The ice melts on October 1

Dear users, today we have three great pieces of news at once.

Firstly, the long-awaited event — the unfreezing of LIXI — will take place next Saturday, on October 1. From a technological point of view, this is a big step forward in the development of the platform, and, surely, it is a confirmation of the team’s commitment to the concept of further development of the platform, which was outlined a year ago.

Secondly, and this is even more pleasant news, the team and the project management have met numerous requests to simplify this procedure. We are happy to inform you that it will be a one-time and complete unfreezing.

And thirdly, a unique window of opportunities will open for everyone who receives LIXI in the first days of October. That is the last round of the sale of The Wall Global areas, which will be held on exceptional terms and at incredibly favorable rates.

Read the details in the coming hours!