The Future is Now. TheWall Global is Coming!

Imagine a boundless surface where everyone can paint a picture and millions of people will see it. The picture that nobody will be able to remove without its creator’s wish. That is possible to sell or even have as a source of passive income for many years.

This and much more becomes real with TheWall Global project!

The virtual Wall is a metaphor of world culture that everybody can add value to.

The Wall is divided into areas each of which is represented by an NFT-token*. If a user has a will to “make a mark” on the Wall he can buy, rent or receive such NFT-token as a gift. As soon as a user obtains ownership of a part of The Wall he will be able to attach a picture, a link to a website and a comment to it that will be visible to all the visitors of The Wall Global web page without registration.

The ownership of the areas of the Wall created on the Ethereum blockchain-platform is guaranteed by a smart contract so that every area becomes a unique digital asset.

TheWall Global is a platform for free creation that is strongly protected from any outside interference and that gives an opportunity to perpetuate and monetize the art, your own as well as of other authors. And in order to make your art-object attract more attention you can increase its size by purchasing nearby areas and combining them into a cluster.

And what is very important is to understand that TheWall Global project has not been created for artists and art-dealers only. It is an opportunity to make profit that is open to every modern person regardless of his artistic abilities. After buying Wall areas at a fixed placement price participants get a chance to sell (or rent) them profitably due to their increased value and the rise of popularity of nearby areas.

Thus everybody who has a will to share something valuable with the world and at the same time attract interest to his activity can take part in the creation of a unique art object – TheWall Global. Artists get a chance to sell their works profitably, traders will benefit from the rent and sale of areas, and businesses will take advantage of the advertising platform of the project.

The sales start on the Cryptaur Launchpad platform as soon as in August. Don’t miss the opportunity to become owners of the best areas as well as to earn on the unprecedentedly generous referral program of the project!

* NFT – Non-fungible tokens. Each such token is unique and its price is not determined by exchange rates but depends on the value and social importance of the object that it represents.