The first round of TheWall Global sale: 0.1 TWG as a gift!

So, the long-awaited day of the first round of TheWall Global sale has come. We thank several thousands of people who have filled out the questionnaire of TheWall Global project correctly! It means that a significant number of the platform users have not only got acquainted with our new project, but also understand its details well. That means that they have made the first and foremost step towards having a part of an eternal value in their hands – a fragment of TheWall Global virtual space!


The mechanic of TheWall Global tokensale differs greatly from everything you could have seen before. We have decided to make the launch as smooth as possible in order to show the participants all the benefits of this unique project step by step and to help them choose the right participation strategy consciously. That is why, we have made a decision to leave only the free participation option at the first round of sale – that is, the opportunity to receive one absolutely free BRICK token as a gift.


You will also have the opportunity to receive one free BRICK token at each successive round of TheWall Global sale and as soon as 10 BRICK are accumulated on your balance they will be automatically converted into one TWG token, that you will be able to exchange for any vacant Wall area at once. Thus, every user of the platform has the opportunity to become a full participant in this large-scale project absolutely for free. It is our gift for everybody who believes in the success of our platform.


In order to receive a free BRICK token it is needed to be logged in the personal Cryptaur account during the tokensale (August, 30 from 12:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC). As soon as your turn comes, you will have 10 minutes to obtain your free BRICK token.


The opportunity to buy TWG tokens for cryptocurrency as well as for fiat will be available at the successive rounds of the sale! Participate, become a part of eternal values and receive income!