The first MagicChain NFT has found an owner

The official release of the new version of the MagicChain game is really close and we are starting to distribute the unique NFTs of the anniversary collection (, dedicated to this wonderful event!

We did not expect that fulfilling the conditions of our promotion would appear to be an uneasy task for the users, and so, that is exactly why we are so happy to present to you the “First Alchemist” ( who has managed to do that! We decided to especially mark his perseverance and accuracy in implementing all the conditions of the promotion. That is why, in addition to granting him the well-deserved NFT, we have also sent him an award of 50 MATIC and an area of The Wall Global project (worth 200 MATIC). Our sincere congratulations to the winner!

The following 199 NFTs are already waiting for their new owners! To become one of them, you just need to correctly fill out the registration form. If you need any help or have any questions, join the project group in Telegram!