The Cryptaur platform has integrated the Matic token

Another very important option has been added to the extensive functionality of the Cryptaur platform – now the platform supports the Polygon blockchain and its Matic coin.

The scale and importance of the Polygon project can hardly be overestimated. Amid cosmic growth of transaction prices in the Ethereum network that makes it less and less suitable for practical applicability, flexible Layer-2 blockchains are coming to the fore as their convenient architecture and compatibility with Ethereum solve the problems with the cost and speed of transactions.

Polygon is one of the most flexible and convenient blockchains in this niche. Obviously, we  could not but pay attention to this wonderful solution when choosing a technological platform for TheWall Global project that you already know well about! Yes, indeed, the Wall functions on the basis of smart contracts uploaded to the Polygon blockchain.

This opens up the following opportunities for the platform and its users:

  • the execution of fast and ultra-cheap transactions when operating with areas of the Wall and TWG tokens – the cost of a transaction in Polygon accounts for several cents in comparison with tens of dollars in the Ethereum network;
  • the opportunity to transfer tokens of TheWall Global project from the Polygon network to the Ethereum net – there are special links technologically provided between these two blockchains;
  • and, last but not least, the Polygon blockchain is fully supported by OpenSea – the most popular platform for NFT trade.

Matic coin has already appeared in the vaults in users’ personal accounts, also Matic sales are open together with USDT. The opportunity to withdraw Matic from the Cryptaur personal account will open up in the coming days together with the opportunity to withdraw the TWG token.