The anniversary collection of MagicChain NFT tokens is already on OpenSea!

We are pleased to announce that a unique anniversary collection of NFT tokens, timed to coincide with the upcoming release of the new version of the MagicChain game, is already available on the popular OpenSea marketplace – This opens the way for our collection to the truly limitless global NFT market.

We remind you that the first ones to receive the tokens will be the most loyal players who have reached the maximum eighth level in the game. In order to receive your well-deserved NFT, you just need to register by filling out the form. We have reserved the two series called “unusual” and “not simple”. We guarantee that the tokens of those series will be distributed by the team only among the players who have reached the maximum level in the game, and the tokens that will remain after the distribution will never be put up for sale. Thus, the possession of a token of one of those two series is a kind of honorary distinction of the player, which should be treasured and cherished!