Terms of access to the Cryptaur Launchpad platform

The start of the Cryptaur Launchpad platform is nearing; its goal is to give the users of the platform an access to the newest FinTech products and projects. The Cryptaur Launchpad project has very serious potential and can provide all the participants with a completely new kind of financial and technical opportunities.


In this regard, we publish the terms of access to the Cryptaur Launchpad platform and the projects placed on it.


As working with the Cryptaur Launchpad platform is connected with financial transactions we are obliged to fully and without exceptions comply with the requirements of the KYC / AML procedures regulators. That is why we ask everybody interested in the sale on the new platform to, please, in the first place verify their Cryptaur account promptly.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the participation of fake accounts and bots in any transactions on the Cryptaur Launchpad platform is strictly prohibited and we take all necessary measures to avoid the presence of such accounts on the new platform. We will adhere to the pro-active policies to protect the interests of conscientious users, that is why all suspicious accounts will be immediately blocked, and in case of determination of the existence of a violation all the operations executed by these accounts will be annulled.


Moreover, kindly note that due to the regulatory restrictions we do not give access to work on the platform to citizens from the United States of America, Canada and China.


The first Cryptaur Launchpad project will be launched as early as in August – stay tuned for the upcoming news!




Following this link, you will find the most detailed description of the verification procedure that has been prepared for you by the Cryptaur support service. In case of any questions or technical problems during the verification process, please, feel free to contact the support service specialists – they will always respond and provide assistance. When contacting the support service we kindly ask you to make sure that the [email protected] address has been added to your list of e-mail contacts.