Tell your friends about the MintMe service and earn money!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a unique MintMe promo campaign aimed at popularizing the service, where anyone can issue their own collection of NFT tokens! Anyone can participate in the campaign and earn money on it.

How does it work? – It’s very simple! Buy one fan MintCoin, tell three friends about the project and sell it at a three times higher price than you bought!

Only now the first 100 MintCoins are available for free! Just go to the promo page and pick up your free coin. You can get only one coin to one address – hurry up, there are only 100 free coins available, each of which can be sold at a price of 0.6 MATIC!

If you do not have time to get a coin for free – no  problem! Immediately after the end of the free distribution, you will be able to purchase a MintCoin at a price of only 0.2 MATIC. 200 coins will be available at this price. Each time as soon as coins of one issue end up, the next issue is formed. The coins of each issue will be two times more expensive than the coins of the previous one but each issue will contain two times more coins than the previous one. Any coin purchased, regardless of the purchase price, can be sold at a tripled price! And it will go on endlessly like this!

It is important to remember that it is possible for you to purchase a coin paying with MATIC only if you came by someone’s referral link.

If you don’t have friends who will share their referral link with you – no problem either – you can always purchase a referral link, as well as get it completely for free in the telegram chat of the project or by completing a simple quest. We have worked to make our promo campaign interesting and funny!

In order to be able to sell the MintCoin you have purchased, it is necessary to have at least one own collection on MintMe containing at least one NFT since the main aim of our campaign is to make as many people as possible to see how to use our unique MintMe service and discover the wonderful world of NFT! Therefore, the second condition for unlocking the sale opportunity is to attract at least three friends to our promotion. As soon as your friends have made a purchase of their MintCoin, you will immediately have the opportunity to sell the MintCoin you have at a three times higher price. Take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible to purchase a new MintCoin! The more expensive it is purchased, the more you can earn on its sale, because the price always triples!

New purchases of the referrals you already have are credited to you to unlock the opportunity to sell MintCoin coins you have purchased. But remember, if your MintCoin is already available for sale, but you do not sell it, then the purchases of your referrals are credited to your referrer or so on higher up the chain. Therefore, in order not to lose purchases of your own referrals, sell the unlocked MintCoin as soon as possible and buy a new one in its place.

Well, let’s get started!