Technical aspects of exchanging CPT for LIXI

Over the past week, some of you have encountered some exceptions when exchanging CPT for LIXI. The purpose of this post is to answer your questions and clear up any confusion. 

Situation 1: 100% of tokens are frozen

Some users exchanged CPT for LIXI according to a new scheme, in which they do not need to go through the KYC verification procedure (, 

but in this case, the whole 100% of the tokens are frozen instead of the expected 95%, until the moment when the verification is passed. After that, 5% is immediately unblocked and then the further unblocking continues according to the standard scheme.

We announced the new exchange scheme in the mailing list:

Our technical team launched this functionality faster than expected, but soon it has been closed again for revision.

Situation 2: “You are not verified” message when trying to exchange

This message occurs when a user has set up two-factor authentication but missed the verification (KYC). Verification is currently required to pass to exchange. 

Situation 3: Zero LIXI balance in the personal account after the exchange (mobile application)

The zero balance in the mobile app  happens due to a bug, as a result of which frozen tokens are not taken into account when calculating the overall balance. Zero occurs for those users who managed to exchange tokens without verification at the moment when this functionality was available, since they have no unblocked tokens.

Your tokens have not disappeared anywhere, nor lost value. After you pass the verification and the developers fix the bug, everything will look as you expect.

The correct balance can be found in the web version.

Situation 4: LIXI balances on the top and in the Vault differ by about 20 times (mobile application)

The reason is the same as in the previous point, but for users who exchanged CPT and LIXI with verification, the 5% balance of unblocked tokens is displayed. The correct balance can be found in the web version.

Next week we will publish a guide on an alternative verification procedure that takes much less time, stay tuned!