СPT—LIXI Exchange Procedure Simplified

Dear users,

Many of you have been asking to simplify the procedure for exchanging CPT for LIXI and, in particular, to remove user verification from the necessary requirements.

Our strong opinion is that both in the short term and in the long term, the need to identify the transaction counterparties will only increase. This is required by both the security of the funds of the participants and the security of the platform itself.

Therefore, we decided to implement in users personal accounts an exchange option without prior verification, on the premise that 100% of the received LIXI will be frozen on the user’s balance until the verification (but for 12 months minimum), after which they will be unblocked according to the standard scheme.

Thus, those wishing to acquire new tokens will be able to do so without delay. However, verification will remain necessary in order to manage  them.

The functionality will be implemented by our technical group in the second half of June.

Your Cryptaur team