Receive permanent passive income with The Wall Daily DeFi service!

We are glad to present you a new DeFi service inside The Wall Global ecosystem that is The Wall Daily – a service to provide cooperative short-term rent of The Wall space.

What does The Wall Daily give to owners of areas of the Wall? The opportunity to receive permanent passive income from their areas regardless of where they are located and whether they are rented! To do so, just go to the “My Liquidity” tab of The Wall Daily service and transfer your areas to the management of The Wall Daily smart contract. At the same time, you will need to make a small technical deposit in the amount of 0.1 MATIC, which you will be able to withdraw back together with your area itself at any time.

What does The Wall Daily give to regular users of the Wall? The opportunity to very cheaply post their content in any vacant area that is under the control of The Wall Daily. It is possible to do it for just 0.1 MATIC without any capital investment in the purchase of areas. Meanwhile, areas are reserved for users for the following 48 hours. If the user updates the content during this time the reservation period will be extended. Thus, the user may keep an area under his control while he uses it regularly.

The funds that are received as payment are distributed among all the participants of The Wall Daily in proportion to their contribution to the pool of areas for rent. Meanwhile, it does not matter which areas are in demand and which are not – everyone gets income!

It is also crucial to note that the service does not charge any commission, all the funds are fully distributed among providers of areas. The Wall Daily smart contract does not have any privileged users. It means that even The Wall Global team, that has created it, works with it on the general terms and earns money by providing its own areas for use on an equal basis with other users.

Lean on the unique opportunity to receive passive income right now – place your areas under The Wall Daily DeFi service! Tell your friends about the opportunity to post any content on The Wall Global space almost for free! Earn money together!

The Wall Global