Private LIXI–USDT trading started

Dear Cryptaur ecosystem participants,

Those of you who follow the rapid development of our project have probably noticed the positive dynamics of the LIXI rates on our inner exchange. The LIXI-USDT pair  is currently being privately traded on the exchange. 

Many holders of the new LIXI token are wondering when trading will open to a wider audience, as this might be a good opportunity to either capitalize on LIXI growth or withdraw their investments to fiat.

It’s no secret that bringing a new token to the market, especially with the current volatility, is a difficult task that requires a balanced and systematic approach. We’ve chosen a strategy of a gradual expansion of the number of trade participants and decided to start with the biggest holders and most experienced traders interested in correctly positioning and pricing the new coin.

Therefore, the first group of traders included the LIXI holders having at least 500 million tokens in their portfolio. At the next stage, we plan to invite professional traders with somewhat lower investment volumes (the details to be announced soon). Gradually, the requirements will become more and more open, which will ultimately allow all project participants to fix their profits.

We understand that trading on an exchange is not a trivial task for less technically savvy participants.Therefore, we decided to create a simple and convenient tool for buying and selling LIXI  via direct deals between participants, in which the platform will provide protection from unscrupulous players.

We remind you that each CPT holder can exchange their tokens for LIXI at a fixed one-to-one rate. 95% of LIXI tokens will be frozen after the exchange, and the remaining 5% will be immediately avaiblable.

We are currently receiving numerous questions about how to get more unlocked LIXI tokens from users worrying about the high volatility of the new asset.

We inform you that as of today LIXI tokens can be purchased for traditional currencies: first, in the CPT Point mobile application, and second, MagicChain game users will find it convenient to buy LIXI on the project’s website.

Despite the positive growth dynamics, LIXI tokens are still available at a fixed price. However, the number of tokens distributed through direct sales is limited.

There are only a few days left until the launch of the updated projects — stay tuned!
Your Cryptaur Team