Please Meet Cryptaur Launchpad!

We are glad to introduce a new and extremely important function of the Cryptaur platform, that will allow you to use your tokens located on the platform with the maximum efficiency.

Cryptaur Launchpad is a platform designed for launching new projects. It will give all the participants of the ecosystem an access to the most cutting-edge developments that are entering the FinTech market at the most favourable prices.

The major distinctive feature of the Cryptaur Launchpad platform is that it is not intended for the initial placement of tokens, that is, the accumulation of funds, on the basis of which the product itself is then designed.

Instead, the customers are offered the tokens of the projects that have already been realized and are currently entering the market. All the projects – candidates to be placed on the platform, are subject to a deep technical, economic and marketing examination that takes place before the listing and minimizes the risks.

The key requirement for projects to be placed in the Cryptaur Launchpad platform is to be ready to accept no less than 50% of payment in tokens that are circulating inside the platform, namely LIXI, LIXIGOLD, PF (PROVER) and, this is very important, ETH.

But there is something else – you will be undoubtedly pleased to know that the LIXI and PF tokens will be accepted for payment at the exchange rate of the Cryptaur internal exchange.
As today the exchange rate of these coins is substantially higher than their placement price, the Cryptaur Launchpad platform will allow the users not only to make a profit but also to invest it in new promising projects and technologies.

Soon we will publish the conditions of access to Cryptaur Launchpad as well as tell you in detail about the first, very promising project, that is currently being prepared for the placement on the platform. Stay tuned for the upcoming news!