Please be careful when choosing wallet addresses

Dear users,

As we already informed you, in order to improve the platform’s security, new user wallets addresses were introduced in March. Unlike the old addresses, when each address corresponded to a separate token, new wallets have a single address for all tokens. All transactions are instant and fee-free.

We urge you not to use your old wallet addresses. Tokens sent to them will be lost. Please use only new addresses, which you can find in the “Vault” section of your personal account.

Please also note that since May, CPT deposits from external wallets are available. On the “Vault” page, in the CPT row, a new “Top up” button has appeared, after clicking which you will see the address where you can transfer CPT tokens to get them to your wallet on the platform. Always double-check the address you send tokens to. In the case of a large transaction, first make a trial transaction for a small amount.

PF deposits will be launched soon—follow the news!

Your CPT Point Team