NFT tokens of the MagicChain anniversary collection are looking for their owners!

Dear friends, we have received dozens of applications to receive your well-deserved NFT tokens of the MagicChain anniversary collection, but we cannot satisfy those of them that do not meet the rules of the promotion. In this regard, we have decided to create a step-by-step instruction that should be followed by anyone who seriously intends to become the owner of the unique honorary distinctive sign of an outstanding alchemist of the game.

First of all, you should log into our account in the game and make sure that your account has the maximum eighth level. In addition, there should be a non-zero amount of crystals on your game balance. If you do not have crystals, then you can easily change this by making a purchase that is built in the game. It is enough to have at least one crystal to participate, but please remember that if the number of applications exceeds the number of NFTs that we distribute, then the tokens will go to those who have a greater number of crystals.

Next, you should register in the Kalenter gaming bot and in the channel Make sure that in the settings of your Telegram profile, not only your “Name” is specified, under which other users see you, but also your “Username”. You need to provide to us exactly your Username starting with the “@” character.

And finally, you need to provide us with the address of your wallet on the Polygon network, to which we will transfer your unique NFT. To provide us with your address, you need to have the Metamask application installed and the Polygon network configured.

Don’t you have a Metamask? – Here we have detailed instructions on how to install it

Do you want Metamask on your mobile phone? – Then click here

Haven’t you configured Polygon yet? – Read this instruction

We will need your polygon address (it starts with 0x and has 42 characters).

Now you are ready to carefully and correctly fill out the following form – The collection has already been created and the tokens are waiting for their owners! The collection is already available on OpenSea!