New User Wallets Available Soon

Dear users,

the work on improving the platform’s security is close to completion. Access to user wallets will be resumed by the end of this year. Please find below the details about this work’s causes and progress.

The platform currently provides protection for about 300 thousand user wallet keys (since each user owns keys from various blockchains). Protecting and managing this number of keys is a resource-intensive task, especially considering the current level of cyber threats.

To strengthen the user keys protection while releasing resources necessary for the platform’s further development, the project team embraced a fundamentally new approach to user key security. It was decided to create protected depositories for all types of tokens supported by the platform (the same way as this was previously done for CPT token). For the platform users, this brings an additional benefit: they’ll be able to send to each other any supported tokens with zero fee.

To implement this solution, the platform’s technical specialists are currently transferring tokens from user wallets to a single depository. You all know how slowly the Ethereum network functions (that’s where the old user wallets are located). Nevertheless, the tokens’ transfer is already 90% complete.

We are aware of the difficulties entailed by this solution, however, we are absolutely confident that in the long run it will prove its effectiveness on many occasions.

By the end of this year, all tokens will be credited to their new depositories and will become fully available for circulation within the ecosystem. User wallet deposits from external addresses and the use of tokens in affiliate services will be also enabled.

Withdrawals to external addresses will become possible by the end of February 2020. Also, work is underway to create a quick and convenient token exchange service in user accounts.

If you have questions, please contact support at [email protected] or use the support button in your personal account—we will be happy to help!

We will do our best to finalize the work as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

With best wishes,
Your Cryptaur / CPT Point Team