New Prover Drop App Opens the Door to International Trade Market

Dear users,

The past year has definitely made telecommuting an integral part of both personal and business communications. For you and me, this ongoing large-scale process means that the potential of our platform will grow. Today we are pleased to confirm this with a fait accompli.

We are proud to present you the Prover Drop app. This new product in the Prover family is set to become the world’s first trusted file hosting service able to speed up international transactions of every scale.

The unique Prover technology provides high-degree media file trustworthiness without any intermediary. It was developed in 2018 and is being successfully used since to validate video recordings. The Prover Drop launch creates another excellent use case for this technology by  solving  the modern business’ acute problem of information reliability for international contracts.

As a rule in international trade, counterparties are often reluctant to provide each other with information confirming the availability of goods, their quality, availability of funds for payment, etc. This is due to the high risks of remote communication multiplying the chances of encountering fraudsters who can use the data on the transaction for their own purposes. This situation significantly complicates the life of entrepreneurs and delays their trades.

The Prover Drop app allows you to send any file (video, photo, image, PDF) to a counterparty without fear that these files could fall into dirty hands. Prover Drop is blocking file downloads, allowing only a limited-time preview. And even if a fraudster somehow manages to download the file, Prover Drop digital watermarks become the second-line protection. Moreover, these files can be additionally secured with our classic Prover Swype ID and Prover Clapperboard technologies, thereby making the information even more safely guarded from fraudsters.

The new product has already attracted a lot of interest from businesses and investors from a number of Southeast Asian countries, which could easily propel the app towards becoming a fully functional portal for international trades of every complexity, which in turn will attract large companies engaged in world trade.

The Prover Drop demo version is available at

Last but not least, Prover Drop launch brings to PF token holders these nice bonuses:

1. Users can pay for Prover Drop business accounts using not only traditional money, but also PF tokens.

2. Using Prover Swype ID and Prover Clapperboard apps to additionally secure files will increase the demand for PF tokens.

3. Even if the end user pays only using traditional currency, we will use at least 50% of the proceeds to buy back PF tokens on the CPT Point exchange. This, in turn, means that the CPT token will also get an additional boost.

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