New collection of art objects on TheWall Global

The collection of art objects of the TheWall Global blockchain project has been replenished with a unique three-layer composition dedicated to one of the global values of humanity – Love.

Fifteen artists from the Baseless community have created a joint art object that has been placed on the virtual space of the Wall.

The first, upper layer is at the same time the cover of the project with recognizable elements of the brand: that is a bright blue stylized heart on a black background. Zooming in the drawing, as if plunging into it, we discover the second layer. This is a collective, intuitive drawing. Each of the artists expressed their feelings and ideas about Love in their own way, and together these elements made up a unique graphic composition.

The third, final layer is a set of stickers for Telegram and Instagram. The artists interpreted the 32 well-known emojis with hearts in their own way and created author’s stickers based on their motives. This is the semantic component of the project — the embodiment of the opportunity to give love, share it and accept it.

The Baseless community plans to continue depicting global values, and TheWall Global platform will ensure their eternal existence 🙂

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