MagicChain news: We are preparing a big new release of the game

The team of our partner project MagicChain is finalizing work on a new version of the MagicChain game. This version will retain the game mechanics that are already familiar and beloved by everyone, as well as will have completely new logic tasks and quests. Beautiful animations, high-quality sound effects and well-designed characters will make the gameplay even more breathtaking.


The release will be accompanied by the release of a limited anniversary collection of NFT-tokens dedicated to the theme of the MagicChain game. The token series will be made on the basis of the MintMe tokenization platform, and the tokens will be available for the secondary market on leading marketplaces, including OpenSea! The most faithful alchemists will receive anniversary collection tokens absolutely for free! How to do this? – We will tell you in the upcoming news. Stay with us and you will find many more new pleasant surprises!