MagicChain Game: Crystal Mine Opens Soon

Dear users,

MagicChain game is our partner project launched this April. To date, over three thousand players have already tried their hand at the game. The project runs on the Cryptaur platform, which means purchases with CPT tokens are enabled. Crystals earned in the game can also be seamlessly converted to CPT. The in-game world is constantly evolving, new items and places are being added that allow players not only to have fun, but also to earn.

The Crystal Mine is one of such places in the MagicChain world, and very soon it will open its doors to players again, allowing everyone to earn crystals. The game interface has become even more comfortable. And of course, those who take part will get gifts and pleasant surprises.

The rules are very simple: the player buys a pickaxe, calls his friends and grabs crystals when the mine closes. Lucky Phuoc has already visited the mine and will gladly tell you the story of his adventure in a short video.

Technical support from the developers is provided. They also answer the most frequent user questions here: 

You can install the app using this link.  

The game developers have timed the launch of the new version on October 18, the birthday of our CTO Ilya Svirin. Do not miss the launch to be among the first players!

Your CPT Point Team