LIXI Token: Weekly Trading Review

We continue to analyze how the native Cryptaur token market behaves and explain the events taking place there. Not much time has passed since our previous release, but the LIXI token price was not standing still. Right after it reached two cents, Cryptaur Coolbook, our project’s long-awaited foundational document describing its short- and long-term development strategies, was published. This event did not go unnoticed by the large LIXI holders who currently highly influence the token’s price by being engaged in private trading.

It took a day for the whales to study the document and react. And from their reaction we can conclude that the event was perceived by the market in a positive way, as the LIXI rate reached seven cents in a short time interval, showing more than a three-times increase!

Despite the fact that not all traders assessed the books’ prospects in the same optimistic manner, we observed the LIXI rate stabilizing at a median value of 3.5 cents, one and a half times higher than the average price before Coolbook was published. Meanwhile, the situation on the open crypto market remained extremely nervous and we have all witnessed how easily some obscure tweets of peculiar players were bringing down the cryptocurrency rates.

Once again, our closed trading strategy coupled with using USDT stablecoin instead of pairing LIXI with volatile coins proved itself.

In conclusion, let’s note that the LIXI predecessor, the CPT token, also showed good dynamics on external exchanges. The coin’s rate demonstrated an increase by up to 300% and updated this year’s highs. Taking into account the continuing withdrawal of the token from circulation, we have every reason to suppose that this price dynamic is to stay.