How to get a loan secured by areas of the Wall with DeFi TheWall Loan

It’s our pleasure to announce the first DeFi service by TheWall Global project that marks a new page in the history of the project. The main aim of DeFi is to fill the project with liquidity. It will help all the owners of areas to exchange them quickly for cryptocurrency and back, and it will help cryptocurrency holders to make profit by placing their funds.

TheWall Loan decentralized service makes it possible for anybody to place their funds (MATIC) as a loan offer and define its conditions independently, namely the amount of funds for placement, the amount of funds needed by the borrower to repay the loan, the loan term and in which zones of the Wall the areas may secure the loan. The funds placed by the creditor are transferred under the management of the service’s smart contract, the creditor may withdraw them any time if no borrower demands them. It is important to note that the smart contract does not have a special owner. It means that everybody works with the smart contract on general terms, even TheWall Global team that like other users make profit by placing their own liquidity under the management of the DeFi contracts.

Any user who owns areas located in the zones that are subject to loan offers may immediately get a loan, temporarily transferring an area to the smart contract as a collateral. If the borrower repays the loan in time, the borrower will automatically receive his area back under his management, otherwise the area will be transferred to the creditor.

Stay tuned for available offers, place your own liquidity, make profit with us!

The Wall Global