How the anniversary collection of MagicChain NFT tokens is arranged

It’s time to look behind the curtains of the unique anniversary collection of MagicChain NFT tokens and examine how it is organized. As we have communicated earlier, the collection ( has been released with the use of the MintMe Global platform and is based on the Polygon blockchain. The collection consists of 500 tokens and includes ten characters of the new version of the game.

The background of the image defines a series of tokens within the collection. A total of ten background options are available, and therefore there are ten series of tokens in the collection: Ordinary, Traditional, Simple, Unusual, Unconventional, Not simple, Legendary, Exquisite, Glamorous and Rare.

The way the tokens are distributed and therefore how they will be quoted on the secondary market depends on their series. If the token owner would like to sell it later, of course. We remind you that the first ones to receive the tokens will be the most loyal players who have reached the maximum eighth level in the game. In order to receive your well-deserved NFT, you just need to register by filling out the form ( We have reserved the two series called “unusual” and “not simple”. We guarantee that the tokens of those series will be distributed by the team only among the players who have reached the maximum level in the game, and the tokens that will remain after the distribution will never be put up for sale. Thus, the possession of a token of one of theose two series is a kind of honorary distinction of the player, which should be treasured and cherished!

We will tell you how the tokens of other series will be distributed later, but we can say one thing for sure – anyone who is interested in our MagicChain project will be able to become an owner of their own NFT!